Hardware Integration & Certification

GK SOFTWARE AG has established the Integration & Certification Lab (GK ICL) which offers the integration and certification of hardware vendors.

The GK ICL team is located at GK headquarter in Schoeneck, Germany. As a Hardware provider you can integrate and certify your devices for the GK Software store solutions and save important project implementation lead time for your customer success.




SAP Integration and Certification

As an option, integration & certification can be performed in a joint process with experts from SAP. The SAP certification relates to special SAP product versions and covers the following SAP products:

  • SAP Omnichannel POS by GK
  • SAP Offline Mobile Store by GK
  • SAP Label & Poster Printing by GK
The hardware certification includes:
  • Preparation of hardware environment
  • Hardware tests
  • Functional tests

The tests are based on SAP&GK Hardware test plans.



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