Training Location

The courses are held on-site. The majority of the training sessions are held at our training center at the GK SOFTWARE headquarters in Schoeneck.

Our facilities are based at attraktive locations in seven countries

GK Locations  

  • Training Center Schoeneck

Waldstrasse 7
08261 Schoeneck, Germany
Phone: +49 3 74 64 84 - 0

Training Center Schoeneck 

  •  Travel to Schoeneck

Schoeneck is located in a countryside area.

The travel probably requires considerable effort, also depending on the weather.

For more flexibility we recommend to fly to Nuremberg, Dresden or Leipzig and rent a car at the airport.

Route Distance Time by car
Frankfurt Airport to Schoeneck 360 km 3.5 hours
Berlin Airport to Schoeneck 350 km 3.5 hours
Dresden Airport to Schoeneck 170 km 2.0 hours
Leipzig Airport to Schoeneck 200 km 2.0 hours
Nuremberg Airport to Schoeneck 180 km 2.0 hours

  •    Accommodations & Activities

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