T6_A - SDK Basic






for: Partners   10 days




This training provides a brief introduction and setup of the GK applications from a developer perspective.

  • Section 1 – walks the student through the setup steps for a GK development environment, and discusses common practices used by GK.
  • Section 2 – introduces a real world use case to extend standard functionality for “Age Restrictions” and demonstrates SDK usage in SDC by GK application and Omnichannel POS by GK

Target group  



  • Section 1

     Dev Setup, Architecture Overview, Basic SDK Introduction


    • Environment Setup
    • Access to Repository
    • Create Custom Project
    • Configure Sandbox
    • Internal Infrastructure
    • SDK Theory

Content ,

  • Section 2  

    Basic End to End Usecase – Enhancement to “Age Restriction” standard functionality

    • IDOC Extension – discussions around extending Article Import and mapping to GK Internal format – introduction to Altova Mapforce
    • SDC Import – explanation on GK Import format
    • POS Action – extending standard process for Age Restriction
    • POS Log Export – exporting the results via POSLOG export.
    • POS - Receipt Layout (Journal Print)