T6 – SDK (Software Development Kit)




for: Partners   10 days




The participants will learn how to create a new custom development project environment based upon the Store Device Control and Omnichannel POS by GK modules.

During the setup, GK application theory will be explained building on knowledge already learnt during previous GK academy courses.

Following the setup, the participants will perform a code exercise based on a common end to end use case from a real world scenario to implement an extension to the “Age Restrictions” standard functionality.

This example will introduce extending import functionality for custom developments, actions on POS and extending the transaction export, ending with an introduction to reporting.

The course will demonstrate and build knowledge on the GK SDK and introduce extending the SDC and OmniPOS product applications, and provide foundation for Advanced SDK Course.

Target group  



Required hardware
(central + POS Application developers)
  • CPU: 4+ Cores
  • RAM: 12 GB+
  • HDD: 50 GB+ (exclusively reserved for SDK & GK projects)

Example: HP ZBook, i7-4700MQ CPU @2.40GHz, 24 GB RAM,
256 GB SSD + 1TB HDD

Required developers licenses  
Due to a new version it’s still in clarification if additional developer licenses are essential;
this will be announced latest 2 weeks prior to training.

If additional developer licenses would be needed it would be mandatory that these
licenses are available and confirmed prior to the start of the SDK training.

Alotva Mapforce is required for later IDOC Extensions during
real project developments.


Required hardware
(NetWeaver developers)
  • CPU: 8+ Cores
  • RAM: 32 GB+

(NetWaeaver itself allocated up to 16GB by default)


Required skills and knowledge  
  • Solid Java Knowledge
  • Knowledge of State-of-the-Art Frameworks & Technologies:
    Eclipse, Maven, Spring, SVN, JUnit, Webservices, SQL,
    JPA, Swing, Hibernate
  • Solid knowledge of the SAP OmniPOS solution (T2 Training required)




  • Introduction
  • Setup Dev Environment
    • Access to Infrastructure
    • Tools
  • Setup Custom “abc” Project
    • Building Project
    • Adding to Eclipse and Configuring Sandbox
  • Real World Use Case – Age Restrictions
    • IDOC – Extensions
    • GK Import
    • Extending POS Processes
      • UI Layer
      • POS LOG Export


Consists of the trainings:

  • brief instruction and setup of GK applications (developer perspective)