T1 - Basic Function Overview and Storemanager






for:Customers 2 days


The participants get an overview of Project related GK products, such as Omnichannel POS and Offline Mobile Store,
the technical architecture and the GK configuration tool in order to be prepared for Project Workshops (in discover phase, for new customers) which reflects
the specific Project solution and processes.


Target group         

Customers (immediately before the start of a new project > in pre Workshop phase)
Project Leader
Project Members – Business and IT



  •    GK Basic Function Overview
  •    GK Basic Technical architecture
  •    SAP Omnichannel POS by GK - Solution and processes
  •    GK Storemanager




  • M10 - Basic Function Overview : Content
  • M20 - Storemanager : Content


Module M10 - Basic Function Overview : Content

  • Provide working bases facilitate entry at GK

  • This training provides functional knowledge about the main Products and enables the participants to show this functions in a customer demo.


Table of Content:

  • GK Software – The Retail Application Company

  • Participants will get an overview of the most important GK products:

    • SAP Store Device Control by GK

    • SAP Omnichannel POS by GK

    • SAP Offline Mobile Store by GK

    • SAP Label & Poster Printing by GK

Module M20 - Storemanager : Content

  • Participants will learn about the basic tool box "Storemanager" that is needed for customizing and software update processes
  • This training covers the basic knowledge that is needed to set up a system structure for a project in the "Storemanager".


Table of Content:

  • Configuration Flow (HIS & IC)

  • System Types incl. Derivations and Data Container assignment

  • Creation of Business and Store Structure

  • Quick Store Creation

  • Introduction to Tenant Model

  • Configuration Flow (HIS & IC)